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Our Sweat class is a cardio workout designed so that absolutely anybody can do it. Simple ballet exercises provide the basis for this workout, led by a professional dance instructor. In each class you learn and perfect new skills and by the end of each class you are performing mini ballet combinations!

Not your typical ballet workout, we dance to upbeat music, wear sneakers, and have fun while getting fit. This class will leave you feeling toned and sweaty in a no pressure, relaxed environment.  Book your class now!

Tone and Stretch

Our Tone and Stretch class is based on very simple ballet techniques and exercises and is suitable for all levels. It is a slightly calmer class than Sweat, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still feel the burn!

The class is made up of a warm up, stretch and workout which can either be based at the barre or with floor work. This class will help improve muscle tone, flexibility and posture. We wear comfortable clothing, have calming music for an overall relaxing workout feel. Absolutely no dance experience required. Book your class now!

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