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Visions Dance Studio

Where dance is for everybody and every body - and every dancer matters!


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Visions Dance Studio

For over 25 years, Visions Dance Studio has offered dance classes and creative movement programs in Henrietta, NY to accommodate recreational students as well as those wishing to pursue a career in the performing arts. We offer fun 8-week sessions through the Henrietta Rec Center, 10-month programs, summer camps, workshops, and private lessons. At Visions, we believe dance is for everybody and every body, and that every dancer matters!

Available Classes

We offer a variety of classes for children and adults at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our curriculum emphasizes proper technique, creative artistry, and healthy mental and physical development. Our students progress through the curriculum with clear objectives and a sense of purpose toward the achievement of their goals.


Visions currently offers classes in:






Combination Classes

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